Emilie Levienaise -Farrouch – Censor


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A1 Running From Death
A2 Censor
A3 First Subway
A4 Deranged Meeting
A5 Why Aren’t You Banning These Films?
A6 Don’t Go In The Church
A7 Mum’s Neck Dream
A8 List Of His Films
A9 Watching Asunder
A10 Driving To Parents
A11 Enid Drives Home
B1 Dream Of Nina
B2 Night Visit
B3 What’s Going To Happen To Alice
B4 You Sick B
B5 What We’re Doing Here Is Pointless
B6 I’ll Be Doing Your Makeup
B7 Blood Splattering
B8 The Cabin
B9 Beastman’s Lair
B10 Frederick’s Demise
B11 You Have Her Eyes