Various ‎– RRR-100


50 locked grooves on each side.
Tracks are numbered 1-100 on the release.

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A1 Paul Brekus Untitled
A2 Ben Opie Untitled
A3 Andrew Smith (2) Untitled
A4 Jim O’Rourke Untitled
A5 Lotta Juice Untitled
A6 John Wiggins Untitled
A7 Gen Ken* Untitled
A8 PBK Untitled
A9 Out Cold Untitled
A10 Andy Via-Smith Untitled
A11 Controlled Bleeding Untitled
A12 Dave Hastings* Untitled
A13 Lt. Caramel* Untitled
A14 Idea Fire Company Untitled
A15 Urinalysis Untitled
A16 Big City Orchestra Untitled
A17 Trance Untitled
A18 Ron Rice (3) Untitled
A19 Impact Test Untitled
A20 Vin Bain – Ding* Untitled
A21 Arcane Device Untitled
A22 Brighter Death Now Untitled
A23 Peter Antonelli Untitled
A24 Borbetomagus Untitled
A25 F/i Untitled
A26 Runzelstirn + Gurgelstock* Untitled
A27 Rudolf Untitled
A28 All Fours Untitled
A29 Richard Rothar Untitled
A30 The Colored Plank Untitled
A31 Psyclones Untitled
A32 Blackhouse Untitled
A33 Amaranthus Untitled
A34 Out Of Band Experience Untitled
A35 Kings Of Feedback Untitled
A36 Wall Of Noise Untitled
A37 Psy 231 Untitled
A38 Lokomotiv SS* Untitled
A39 Brian Ladd Untitled
A40 Kevin Mitchell Untitled
A41 Small Cruel Party Untitled
A42 Douglas Bregger Untitled
A43 Thrush Untitled
A44 Xper.Xr* Untitled
A45 Mike Ritter Untitled
A46 Andrew Orford Untitled
A47 Randy Greif Untitled
A48 Dark Vomal Ame Code* Untitled
A49 Phillip Perkins* Untitled
A50 Con Demek* Untitled
B51 Lance Gargoyle Untitled
B52 Demivierge Untitled
B53 Martyr V2101 Untitled
B54 Prophecii Untitled
B55 Gregory Whitehead Untitled
B56 Skullflower Untitled
B57 Illusion Of Safety Untitled
B58 PGR Untitled
B59 Bren’t Lewiis Untitled
B60 Barry Dalive Untitled
B61 Master/Slave Relationship Untitled
B62 Mark Harris Untitled
B63 Pep Lester w/ Mr. Ed-Lion* Untitled
B64 Bee Queen* Untitled
B65 Kapotte Muziek Untitled
B66 Merzbow / Potter* Untitled
B67 Catholick Sex Untitled
B68 Swinebolt 45 Untitled
B69 R.(S.M.U.T.)X!* Untitled
B70 Frank Dommert Untitled
B71 Das Synthetische-Mischegewebe* Untitled
B72 Jon Booth Untitled
B73 Za Dharsh Untitled
B74 Chop Shop (3) Untitled
B75 Caroliner Rainbow Cook Up Yer Pants To Eat* Untitled
B76 New Blockaders* Untitled
B77 Taint Untitled
B78 Za Siφdma Gφra* Untitled
B79 Achim Wollscheid Untitled
B80 Phallus Dei Untitled
B81 Alex Kane Untitled
B82 Fred Lewis Untitled
B83 Macronympha Untitled
B84 The Gossamer Years Untitled
B85 Due Process Untitled
B86 Ideal Social Structure Untitled
B87 Mornois Untitled
B88 Biff Slender Untitled
B89 Horace Appleby Untitled
B90 Realistic Highball-7 Untitled
B91 A.N.A. Untitled
B92 Fisk Condo Trust Untitled
B93 Preview Guide Untitled
B94 Mr. Satan Untitled
B95 Communist Ukeleles Untitled
B96 Superfluous Men Untitled
B97 Needles Untitled
B98 Emil Beaulieau Untitled
B99 David C. Lessard* Untitled
B100 Pamela Jo Tilton Untitled