Rufus Wainwright ‎– House Of Rufus – box set


House Of Rufus is housed in a red velvet encased, 90-page hardback book containing rare and unseen photos, Rufus Wainwright’s early hand-drawn tour posters, handwritten lyrics, four art prints and other memorabilia, extensive sleeve notes featuring interviews with Neil Tennant, Martha Wainwright, Linda Thompson and Lenny Waronker and an introduction by Rufus Wainwright.

Limited to 3.000 copies.

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CD1-1 Foolish Love 5:47
CD1-2 Danny Boy 6:12
CD1-3 April Fools 5:01
CD1-4 In My Arms 4:09
CD1-5 Millbrook 2:12
CD1-6 Baby 5:13
CD1-7 Beauty Mark 2:15
CD1-8 Barcelona 6:54
CD1-9 Matinee Idol 3:08
CD1-10 Damned Ladies 4:07
CD1-11 Sally Ann 5:02
CD1-12 Imaginary Love 3:32
CD1-13 Heartburn (From The McGarrigle Hour) 2:30
CD1-14 Goodnight Sweetheart (From The McGarrigle Hour) 2:12
CD2-1 Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk 4:44
CD2-2 Greek Song 3:56
CD2-3 Poses 5:03
CD2-4 Shadows 5:35
CD2-5 California 3:32
CD2-6 The Tower Of Learning 4:47
CD2-7 Grey Gardens 3:08
CD2-8 Rebel Prince 3:45
CD2-9 The Consort 4:26
CD2-10 One Man Guy 3:32
CD2-11 Evil Angel 4:44
CD2-12 In A Graveyard 2:22
CD2-13 Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk (Reprise) 4:02
CD2-14 Greek Song (KCRW Session 5/6/01) 4:18
CD2-15 California (KCRW Session 5/6/01) 3:24
CD2-16 Grey Gardens (KCRW Session 5/6/01) 5:01
CD3-1 Oh What A World 4:23
CD3-2 I Don’t Know What It Is 4:51
CD3-3 Vicious World 2:50
CD3-4 Movies Of Myself 4:31
CD3-5 Pretty Things 2:38
CD3-6 Go Or Go Ahead 6:38
CD3-7 Vibrate 2:43
CD3-8 14th Street 4:44
CD3-9 Natasha 3:28
CD3-10 Harvester Of Hearts 3:35
CD3-11 Beautiful Child 4:15
CD3-12 Want 5:11
CD3-13 11:11 4:27
CD3-14 Dinner At Eight 4:31
CD3-15 Es Mus Sein 2:21
CD3-16 Velvet Curtain Rag 2:34
CD3-17 What You Got 3:30
CD3-18 11:11 (Studio Demo) 4:28
CD4-1 Agnus Dei 5:46
CD4-2 The One You Love 3:44
CD4-3 Peach Trees 5:59
CD4-4 Little Sister 3:23
CD4-5 The Art Teacher 3:51
CD4-6 Hometown Waltz 2:33
CD4-7 This Love Affair 3:13
CD4-8 Gay Messiah 3:15
CD4-9 Memphis Skyline 4:52
CD4-10 Waiting For A Dream 4:14
CD4-11 Crumb By Crumb 4:13
CD4-12 Old Whore’s Diet 9:09
CD4-13 Coeur De Parisienne – Reprise D’Arletty 2:47
CD4-14 Quand Vous Mourez De Nos Amours 3:26
CD4-15 Southern Soul
CD4-16 Gay Messiah (Studio Demo)
CD5-1 Do I Disappoint You 4:38
CD5-2 Going To A Town 4:06
CD5-3 Tiergarten 3:26
CD5-4 Nobody’s Off The Hook 4:25
CD5-5 Between My Legs 4:24
CD5-6 Rules And Regulations 4:01
CD5-7 Not Ready To Love 5:51
CD5-8 Slideshow 6:19
CD5-9 Tulsa 2:18
CD5-10 Leaving For Paris N°2 4:50
CD5-11 Sanssouci 5:15
CD5-12 Release The Stars 5:48
CD5-13 Do I Disappoint You (Instrumental) 4:42
CD5-14 Low Grade Happiness 5:30
CD5-15 Going To A Town 4:25
CD6-1 Overture: 4:16
CD6-1.1 The Trolley Song
CD6-1.2 Over The Rainbow
CD6-1.3 The Man That Got Away
CD6-2 When You’re Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You) 3:45
CD6-3 Medley: 6:10
CD6-3.1 Almost Like Being In Love
CD6-3.2 This Can’t Be Love
CD6-4 Do It Again 5:15
CD6-5 You Go To My Head 2:40
CD6-6 Alone Together 3:21
CD6-7 Who Cares? (As Long As You Care For Me) 2:08
CD6-8 Puttin’ On The Ritz 1:57
CD6-9 How Long Has This Been Going On 5:46
CD6-10 Just You, Just Me 2:03
CD6-11 The Man That Got Away 5:00
CD6-12 San Francisco 4:53
CD7-1 That’s Entertainment 2:27
CD7-2 I Can’t Give You Anything But Love 8:12
CD7-3 Come Rain Or Come Shine 3:56
CD7-4 You’re Nearer 1:59
CD7-5 A Foggy Day 2:56
CD7-6 If Love Were All 2:34
CD7-7 Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart 3:49
CD7-8 Stormy Weather 6:45
CD7-9 Medley: 4:38
CD7-9.1 You Made Me Love You
CD7-9.2 For Me And My Gal
CD7-9.3 The Trolley Song
CD7-10 Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody 5:46
CD7-11 Over The Rainbow 4:48
CD7-12 Swanee 1:54
CD7-13 After You’ve Gone 2:57
CD7-14 Chicago 4:32
CD7-15 Get Happy 3:13
CD7-16 Someone To Watch Over Me 2:21
CD7-17 Every Time We Say Goodbye 2:38
CD8-1 Release The Stars 5:55
CD8-2 Going To A Town 4:13
CD8-3 Sanssouci 5:49
CD8-4 Rules And Regulations 4:11
CD8-5 Leaving For Paris No 2 6:05
CD8-6 If Love Were All 2:26
CD8-7 Nobody’s Off The Hook 4:27
CD8-8 Not Ready To Love / Slideshow 13:52
CD8-9 Machushla 3:51
CD8-10 Gay Messiah 4:07
CD9-1 Who Are You New York? 3:42
CD9-2 Sad With What I Have 3:07
CD9-3 Martha 3:12
CD9-4 Give Me What I Want And Give It To Me Now! 2:09
CD9-5 True Loves 3:52
CD9-6 Sonnet 43 4:28
CD9-7 Sonnet 20 2:59
CD9-8 Sonnet 10 2:55
CD9-9 The Dream 5:26
CD9-10 What Would I Ever Do With A Rose? 4:22
CD9-11 Les Feux D’artifice T’appellent 5:57
CD9-12 Zebulon 5:38
CD9-13 Les Feux D’artifice T’appellent (Alternate Version) 5:32
CD9-14 Who Are You New York? (Live At Kenwood House; 3 July, 2010) 3:32
CD9-15 Martha (Live At Kenwood House; 3 July, 2010) 3:16
CD9-16 The Walking Song (Live At Kenwood House; 3 July, 2010) 5:31
CD10-1 Money Song 5:00
CD10-2 Ups And Downs 3:05
CD10-3 Red Thread 5:39
CD10-4 St. James Infirmary 4:23
CD10-5 London 3:52
CD10-6 A Bit Of You 5:00
CD10-7 Ashes 4:40
CD10-8 In With The Ladies 3:54
CD10-9 Miss Otis Regrets 3:22
CD10-10 Cowboy Song 3:48
CD10-11 Patience Is A Virtue 4:12
CD10-12 Shoes 3:13
CD10-13 Fame Into Love Into Death 3:58
CD10-14 One More Chance 5:22
CD10-15 Hankering 4:16
CD10-16 Dreams And Daydreams 5:04
CD11-1 I’m A Running (From The Movie: Tommy Tricker And The Stamp Traveller) 2:28
CD11-2 Le Roi D’Ys (From The Movie: The Myth Of Fingerprints) 3:20
CD11-3 On The Banks Of The Wabash (From The Movie: The Myth Of Fingerprints) 4:35
CD11-4 Instant Pleasure (From The Movie: Big Daddy) 3:44
CD11-5 Complainte De La Butte (From The Movie: Moulin Rouge) 3:08
CD11-6 Hallelujah (From The Movie: Shrek) 4:12
CD11-7 He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother (From The Movie: Zoolander) 4:41
CD11-8 Across The Universe (From The Movie: I Am Sam) 4:09
CD11-9 It’s Only A Paper Moon (From The Movie: Stormy Weather) 4:44
CD11-10 I Wonder What Became Of Me (From The Movie: Stormy Weather) 3:39
CD11-11 I Eat Dinner (When The Hunger’s Gone) (From The Movie: Bridget Jones The Edge Of Reason) 5:40
CD11-12 I’ll Build A Stairway To Paradise (From The Movie: The Aviator) 3:14
CD11-13 King Of The Road (From The Movie: Brokeback Mountain) 2:53
CD11-14 The Maker Makes (From The Movie: Brokeback Mountain) 3:50
CD11-15 Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered (From The Movie: The History Boys) 5:25
CD11-16 Another Believer (From The Movie: Meet The Robinsons) 4:41
CD12-1 What’ll I Do 3:37
CD12-2 Au Fond Du Temple Saint 4:51
CD12-3 So Easy 4:01
CD12-4 Old Paint 2:44
CD12-5 Casanova In Hell 3:15
CD12-6 What Can I Do? 1:41
CD12-7 To America 5:44
CD12-8 Tired Of Wasting Time 1:45
CD12-9 Chelsea Hotel No. 2 (Live) 3:56
CD12-10 Everybody Knows (Live) 4:33
CD12-11 More Wine 5:05
CD12-12 Lowlands Away 3:26
CD12-13 Scarecrow 7:03
CD12-14 Albatross 5:15
CD12-15 Down Where The Drunkards Roll 3:33
CD13-1 Foolish Love 5:09
CD13-2 Danny Boy 5:01
CD13-3 Beauty Mark 2:06
CD13-4 Damned Ladies 3:32
CD13-5 Liberty Cabbage 3:43
CD13-6 Matinee Idol 3:16
CD13-7 April Fools 3:03
CD13-8 Get Out Of Town 2:18
CD13-9 Sally Ann 3:18
CD13-10 Sweet Repose 3:11
CD13-11 In My Arms 3:38
CD13-12 Keep Cool Fool 3:22
DVD1-1 Overture: The Trolley Song/Over The Rainbow/The Main That Got Away
DVD1-2 When You’re Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You)
DVD1-3 Medley: Almost Like Being In Love/This Can’t Be Love
DVD1-4 Do It Again
DVD1-5 You Go To My Head
DVD1-6 Alone Together
DVD1-7 Who Cares? (So Long As You Care For Me)
DVD1-8 Puttin On The Ritz
DVD1-9 How Long Has This Been Going On
DVD1-10 Just You, Just Me
DVD11-1 The Man That Got Away
DVD1-12 San Francisco
DVD1-13 That’s Entertainment
DVD1-14 I Can’t Give You Anything But Love
DVD1-15 Come Rain Or Come Shine
DVD1-16 You’re Nearer
DVD1-17 A Foggy Day
DVD1-18 If Love Were All
DVD1-19 Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart
DVD1-20 Stormy Weather
DVD1-21 Medley: You Made Me Love You/For Me And My Gal/The Trolley Song
DVD1-22 Rock A Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody
DVD1-23 Over The Rainbow
DVD1-24 Swanee
DVD1-25 After You’re Gone
DVD1-26 Chicago
DVD1-27 Get Happy
DVD1-281 Hello Bluebird
DVD1-29 Someone To Watch Over Me
DVD1-30 Everytime We Say Goodbye
DVD1-31 San Francisco
DVD2-1 Overture
DVD2-2 Childhood
DVD2-3 New York, LA & The Big Break
DVD2-4 Pills, Partying & Poses
DVD2-5 Excess
DVD2-6 After The Party
DVD2-7 The Wants
DVD2-8 Hometown Waltz
DVD2-9 Gay Messiah
DVD2-10 Crumb By Crumb
DVD2-11 Rebel Prince
DVD2-12 The Art Teacher
DVD2-13 This Love Affair
DVD2-14 Poses
DVD2-15 Movies Of Myself
DVD2-16 Go Or Go Ahead
DVD2-17 I Don’t Know What It Is
DVD2-18 Beautiful Child
DVD2-19 Beauty Mark
DVD2-20 Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk
DVD2-21 Dinner At Eight
DVD2-22 The One You Love
DVD2-23 California
DVD2-24 Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk
DVD2-25 April Fools
DVD2-26 The Maker Makers
DVD2-27 Bonus Interviews
DVD3-1 Opening: Prima Donna – The Story Of An Opera
DVD3-2 The First Workshop: Prima Donna
DVD3-3 The Genesis Of Prima Donna
DVD3-4 Melody
DVD3-5 Montréal
DVD3-6 The Insane Range
DVD3-7 In It For The Long Run
DVD3-8 Getting Signed
DVD3-9 Orchestration: Prima Donna – The Story Of An Opera
DVD3-10 Leeds & The Second Workshop
DVD3-11 The Orchestra: Prima Donna – The Story Of An Opera
DVD3-12 Shakespeare In Berlin: Prima Donna – The Story Of An Opera
DVD3-13 Countdown To The Premiere
DVD3-14 Kate & Zebulon
DVD3-15 Fireworks
DVD3-16 Sadler’s Wells Workshop
DVD3-17 Leeds Workshop
DVD3-18 Bringing Up Baby
DVD3-19 The Art Of Opera
DVD3-20 Les Feux D’Artifice (Janis Kelly)
DVD3-21 Les Feux D’Artifice T’Appelent (Rufus)
DVD3-22 Poses And Zebulon
DVD3-23 Sad With What I Have
DVD4-1 This Is Me
DVD4-2 Release The Stars
DVD4-3 Brooches 1
DVD4-4 Going To A Town
DVD4-5 Sanssouci
DVD4-6 Rules And Regulations
DVD4-7 Brooches 2
DVD4-8 Tulsa
DVD4-9 The Art Teacher
DVD4-10 Brooches 2
DVD4-11 Tiergarten
DVD4-12 Leaving For Paris No 2
DVD4-13 Get Up To Dance
DVD4-14 Between My Legs
DVD4-15 Interval
DVD4-16 Do I Disappoint You
DVD4-17 A Foggy Day
DVD4-18 If Love Were All
DVD4-19 Nobody’s Off The Hook
DVD4-20 Beautiful Child
DVD4-21 Not Ready To Love
DVD4-22 Slideshow
DVD4-23 Macushla
DVD4-24 14th Street
DVD4-25 Playing-Out And Changing-Up
DVD4-26 Coming Out
DVD4-27 I Don’t Know What It Is
DVD4-28 Pretty Things
DVD4-29 La Complainte De La Butte
DVD4-30 Get Happy
DVD4-31 Gay Messiah
DVD4-32 Credits
DVD4-33 Grey Gardens Live In Milwaukee
DVD4-34 Backstage Rehearsal: Rehearsing For A Wedding
DVD4-35 Not Ready To Love – Live From Montreux Jazz Festival 2007
DVD4-36 14th Street – Live From Montreux Jazz Festival 2007
DVD4-37 Get Happy – Live From Montreux Jazz Festival 2007
DVD5-1 Intro – Rufus Wainwright
DVD5-2 L’Absence
DVD5-3 14th Street
DVD5-4 Harvester Of Hearts
DVD5-5 Natasha
DVD5-6 The Art Teacher
DVD5-7 Hallelujah
DVD5-8 Matinee Idol
DVD5-9 Vibrate
DVD5-10 Gay Messiah
DVD5-11 Want
DVD5-12 Greek Song
DVD5-13 Foolish Love
DVD5-14 I Don’t Know What It Is
DVD5-15 Dinner At Eight
DVD5-16 Beautiful Child
DVD5-17 Oh What A World
DVD5-18 Liberty Cabbage
DVD5-19 California
DVD5-20 As In Happy
DVD5-21 Credits
DVD6-1 Track By Track Interview
DVD6-2 The Art Teacher
DVD6-3 Rebel Prince
DVD6-4 Gay Messiah
DVD6-5 Vibrate