Psyched Up Janis ‎– Beats me


Sticker says: For the first time on vinyl. Remastered at Abbey Road Studios By Sean Magee. Supervised by Graig Leon.

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A1 Lo-Fi Industry 1:39
A2 Dying Flame 3:54
A3 Airhead 2:34
A4 The Stars Are Out 3:24
A5 Waiting To Grab 2:48
A6 Somebody Loves Ya 3:41
A7 Hopefully 2:19
A8 Strange Pier 3:15
B1 All Your Evil Things 2:41
B2 Tanked And Gone 2:16
B3 Don’t You Wanna Know 2:21
B4 1000 Words 3:38
B5 If You Mind 4:12
B6 Where The Lights Won’t Shine 3:02
B7 Now It’s Summer 3:01
B8 Burn Away 2:11