Melvins ‎– Five Legged Dog


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A1 Edgar The Elephant
A2 Up The Dumper
A3 Hung Bunny / Roman Dog Bird
B1 Hooch
B2 Billy Fish Backing Vocals [Backup Vocals] – Bob Hannam
B3 Shevil
B4 Charlie Songwriter [By] – Jeff McDonald, Steven McDonald
B5 A Growing Disgust
C1 Eye Flys / Woman Songwriter [Eye Flys By] – King BuzzoSongwriter [Woman By] – Andy Fraser, Paul Rodgers

C2 Pitfalls In Serving Warrants
C3 Outside Chance Songwriter [By] – Warren Zevon
C4 Evil New War God
D1 The Bloated Pope
D2 Bad Move Songwriter [By] – Dale Crover
D3 With Teeth
D4 Halo Of Flies Songwriter [By] – Cooper*, Dunaway*, Buxton*, Bruce*, Smith*
E1 Oven Backing Vocals [Backup Vocals] – Bob Hannam
E2 Sway Backing Vocals [Backup Vocals] – Camilla Saufley*Songwriter [By] – Mick Jagger & Keith Richards*

E3 Anaconda
E4 Lovely Butterflies
E5 Boris
F1 It’s Shoved
F2 Honey Bucket
F3 We Are Doomed
F4 Fly Paper Songwriter [By] – Schmersal*, Monasterio*, Taylor*, Trent*
F5 Let God Be Your Gardener
F6 At The Stake
G1 Night Goat
G2 Queen
G3 Everybody’s Talking Lead Vocals, Banjo – Jeff Pinkus*Songwriter [By] – Fred Neil
G4 Revolve Songwriter [By] – King Buzzo, Mark Deutrom
G5 Suicide In Progress
G6 Prig
H1 The Bit
H2 Civilized Worm Backing Vocals [Backup Vocals] – Camilla Saufley*
H3 Don’t Forget To Breathe Lead Vocals, Banjo – Jeff Pinkus*Songwriter [By] – Jeff Pinkus*