KTDF Compilation 2012


begge bånd er der med deres sleave men selve front pap cover mangler

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A1 Chaos Echoes Tone Of Things To Come
A2 Church Bizarre The Horned Majesty
A3 Corpsessed Of Desolation
A4 Cryptborn In The Grasp Of The Starving Dead
A5 Esoteric (3) Abandonment
B1 Execration Grains
B2 Fleshless Sins Reversed
B3 General Surgery Restrained Remains
B4 Hooded Menace The House Of Hammer
B5 Interment Torn FromThe Grave
B6 Master (2) The New Elite
B7 Maveth Of Serpent And Shadow
C1 Mold (7) Terrifying Visions
C2 Morbus Chron Channeling The Numinous
C3 Necrocurse Shape Of Putrid
C4 Necros Christos Succumbed To Sarkum Phagum
C5 Pustulation Into The Abyss
C6 Ritualization Ave Dominus
C7 Sadistic Intent Funerals Obscure
C8 Swallowed Black Phlegm
D1 Tyranny (2) Coalescent Of The Inhumane Awareness
D2 Undead Creep Forbidden Cult
D3 Verminous Impious Genocide
D4 Voids Of Vomit Graveless Epitaph
D5 Zom (2) Infernal Lord Of Deepest Black