Krzysztof Komeda ‎– Dance Of The Vampires


Alternate title on the back :
The Fearless Vampire Killers or Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are In My Neck
Original soundtrack to the film by Roman Polanski.

Comes with the CD version in printed cardboard sleeve.

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A1 Main Title 2:17
A2 Sarah In Bath 0:55
A3 Snowman 0:53
A4 Koukol Laughs 2:09
A5 Alfred Behind Sledge 1:29
A6 Sarah Asks For A Bath – Love Tune 0:22
A7 Krolock On Sledge 2:00
A8 Vampire Comes 0:38
A9 Shagal Leaving 0:42
A10 To The Cellar 1:06
A11 Skiing 0:42
A12 Portraits 1:16
B1 Alfred Hears Singing 2:46
B2 Vampires To Crypt 2:23
B3 Both Over Rooftops 2:51
B4 Sarah’s Song 1:58
B5 Alfred Over Rooftop 0:31
B6 Alfred In The Crypt 1:23
B7 Herbert’s Song 3:59
CD-1 Main Title
CD-2 Sarah In Bath
CD-3 Snowman
CD-4 Koukol Laughs
CD-5 Alfred Behind Sledge
CD-6 Sarah Asks For A Bath – Love Tune
CD-7 Krolock On Sledge
CD-8 Vampire Comes
CD-9 Shagal Leaving
CD-10 To The Cellar
CD-11 Skiing
CD-12 Portraits
CD-13 Alfred Hears Singing
CD-14 Vampires To Crypts
CD-15 Both Over Rooftops
CD-16 Sarah’s Song
CD-17 Alfred Over Rooftop
CD-18 Alfred In The Crypt
CD-19 Herbert’s Song