Jonas Struck – Selected Scores


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Side A
Vinternat (from “Violently in Love”)
Into The Wood
Highway Of Death (from “Hunting For Hedonia”)
Catherine – Out Of Darkness (from “Hunting For Hedonia”
Tulane Hospital (from “Hunting For Hedonia”)
Depression (from “Hunting For Hedonia”)
Conrad’s Theme Full Version (from “Conrad & Michelle- If Words Could Kill”).
Negative Thoughts/Trial (from “Conrad & Michelle- If Words Could Kill”)
Maries Tema/ Om Natten (from “Violently in Love”)
Stilhed (from “Den Anden Side”)

Side B
Rain – Copenhagen 2017 – Timetravel – Saltstorm (from “Qeda – Man Divided”)
National Archive – Microfilm – Who’s Following Me (from “The Idealist”)
Stay Away From The Area (from “The Idealist”)
B-52 Requiem – Arriving In The US (from “The Idealist”)
Daughter (from “Qeda – Man Divided”)
The Art Of Tennis (from “Borg McEnroe”)
Conrad’s Theme (from “Conrad & Michelle – If Words Could Kill”)