Jack White – Boarding House Reach


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Vault Package 35 is the Limited edition of Boarding House Reach.

Included is:
Boarding House Reach on 180g Blue & Black Swirl Vinyl, with exclusive cover art.
12″x24″ insert with album lyrics, exclusive to this release.
7″ single with 2 demos.
Three photographs taken during recording sessions by David Swanson.
Three foil-stamped poetry broadsides, printed on metallic paper for “Abulia and Akrasia,” “Ezmerelda Steals the Show,” and “Get in the Mind Shaft.”
2018 Third Man Challenge Coin.

LP tracks are numbered 1-13 across both sides on sleeve and labels.

This album has nine pressing variations. Track B11 plays different spoken words on each.
This ones poem starts with the line “When I was young I went into an abandoned house.”

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Boarding House Reach (TMR-540)
A1 Connected By Love 4:38
A2 Why Walk A Dog? 2:30
A3 Corporation 5:39
A4 Abulia And Akrasia 1:28
A5 Hypermisophoniac 3:35
A6 Ice Station Zebra 4:00
B7 Over And Over And Over 3:36
B8 Everything You’ve Ever Learned 2:14
B9 Respect Commander 4:33
B10 Ezmerelda Steals The Show 1:43
B11 Get In The Mind Shaft 4:14
B12 What’s Done Is Done 2:54
B13 Humoresque 3:11
Infected By Love (Demo) / Why Walk A Dog? (Demo) [TMR 542]
C Infected By Love (Demo)
D Why Walk A Dog? (Demo)